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8 Out of The Box Ways to Transform Your Health will help you:

  • Stop feeling dismissed–Finally, gain an understanding that your symptoms are real, and understand why no one has been able to help you.
  • Uncover the hidden causes behind chronic illnesses that doctors overlook.
  • Find answers to health issues when lab tests and doctor visits leave you with more questions than answers
  • ​Learn how to go from confusion to confidence using a science-backed playbook for whole-body wellness
  • ​Embrace a new approach to healthcare focused on transformation, not just treatment.

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Inside my New Book You’ll Discover…

  • 8 revolutionary lessons to jumpstart your health transformation and get out-of-the-box results
  • Learn from a doctor who struggled with mystery symptoms herself.
  • Asking the right questions unlocks answers your doctor can't provide - discover life-changing solutions they've never considered
  • Discover how this doctor conquered her health challenges with the power of curiosity, when traditional medicine fell short. Uncover her extraordinary journey towards finding answers from unconventional experts.
  • ​Gain clarity on the surprising links between symptoms like pain, anxiety, fatigue, and poor digestion
  • Get solutions to tackle vague, difficult-to-treat symptoms using a root cause approach.
  • Discover why generic lab ranges may not be ideal benchmarks for your body.
  • ​Master your blood sugar, gut health, hormones and more using simple, actionable steps.
  • ​Optimize your microbiome, digestion and mental health using research-backed strategies
  • ​Discover how conditions like insomnia and neuropathy can be signs of dangerous blood sugar swings, not just diabetes
  • Low blood sugar wrecks your health, yet it's a "devil" doctors know little about - learn how to recognize the signs
  • ​Finally get restorative sleep to awaken refreshed and ready to thrive daily.
  • ​13 powerful questions to put this unique mindset into practice, in you and your clients [page 141]
  • Get tips on tackling histamine intolerance and mast cell activation for good.
  • Understand the science between mindset and the mind-body connection.
  • Follow a clear protocol laid out step-by-step to tackle your unique health struggles.
  • ​Imagine a pain-free life unhindered by fatigue, brain fog or inflammation. It's possible!
  • Don't let health issues control your life and relationships anymore.
  • Get your energy back to keep up with kids, travel and pursue hobbies again.
  • Regain clarity and focus to excel at work instead of struggling with mental fog.
  • ​Discover how hormones drive diseases and symptoms at little-known vulnerable times - don't miss these clues
  • ​End reactions to food - intolerances, digestion, and infections blur the root causes - find clarity
  • Discover the problematic limitations of common food sensitivity tests.
  • Rebuild microbiome diversity with strategic probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods and daily bowel regularity
  • ​Thoughts and trauma manifest physically - discover how shifting mindsets alleviates pain, anxiety and more
  • ​Discover how to cultivate a growth mindset for empowerment in all spheres of life.
  • ​Leverage the power of curiosity, empathy and compassion as catalysts for growth.

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Bonus #1

Hormone Certainty Course

A comprehensive video training program that teaches personalized, root-cause hormone balancing to resolve symptoms and regain health.

Bonus #2

Insider’s Guide To Transform Your Thyroid

Discover How to Protect and Optimize Your Thyroid to Improve Your Overall Health

Bonus #3

Mast-Cell Activation Training Course.

Three-part online training series for chronic disease sufferers who want to gain control over unpredictable food reactions, histamine intolerance, and mast cell activation.

About the Book

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you fallen into an endless loop of frustrating doctor visits, expensive tests, and medications that just aren't working? Do you feel like a medical mystery that no one can solve?

You deserve better. But the problem isn't you–it's the broken sick care system.

This revolutionary book finally connects the dots between symptoms like fatigue, pain, and brain fog to reveal the overlooked root causes your doctors are missing. Through 8 power-packed lessons, Maggie Yu, M.D. IFMCP equips you with out-of-the-box solutions to take charge of your health when medicine fails you.

Discover exactly how to:

  • Pinpoint hidden links between symptoms that will change how you and your doctor see your issues
  • Master blood sugar regulation to alleviate symptoms from insomnia to neuropathy
  • Optimize hormones using lifestyle tweaks and targeted supplementation - no pellets!
  • ​Uncover food intolerances beyond what skin or blood allergy tests detect
  • ​Eradicate stubborn infections by creating an uninhabitable environment for them
  • ​Interrupt negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs blocking your healing
  • ​Participate in transformative personalized experiences - not just sick care

Everything you need to solve your complex health struggles is contained within these pages.

These lessons have already helped thousands find answers when everything else failed. Now it's your turn!

Click below to order the book and finally get the lasting solutions and relief you deserve. The answers have been here all along–claim your copy and start your health transformation today!

About the Author

Maggie Yu, MD IFMCP

Maggie Yu, MD IFMCP is a renowned family and functional medicine physician with nearly three decades of experience addressing longevity and reversing chronic diseases. She is deeply committed to promoting wellness and helping her clients achieve optimal health and longevity.

Maggie Yu, MD IFMCP is an expert in functional medicine, which involves identifying and treating the root causes of chronic diseases. She has helped thousands of patients overcome debilitating symptoms such as pain, fatigue, POTS, MCAS, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, IBS, depression, anxiety and brain fog. Her success stories include hundreds of case studies demonstrating her personalized, root-cause approach’s effectiveness.

As a mother and thought leader, Maggie Yu, MD IFMCP successfully reversed her own health conditions like fibromyalgia, early menopause and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Using her expertise in root cause medicine, she developed the Transform System - an innovative educational approach that reverses chronic disease symptoms by tackling their underlying triggers.

A UCLA medical school graduate, Dr. Yu is based in Washington and continues to share her transformative methods through media, educational courses, and books, helping people achieve optimal health and well-being.

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